There are lots of ways to connect, find support or get involved with other midwives and the ACM community.

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We have at least one Branch in each State and Territory of Australia. You can get to know your local colleagues by attending meetings, workshops and social events in your local area.

Get involved!

We often consult our community when developing position statements, policies and guidelines, submissions and other projects. Current consultations are accessible from that page. We also look for volunteers to assist with special projects, ACM representation or advisory committees.

Liaison midwives

ACM Liaison Midwives are a representative of ACM within hospitals, universities and other facilities across the country. They are responsible for holding regular information sessions to promote ACM benefits, activities and events, and passing on any feedback about what members or potential members want from their peak professional body.

Vendor Directory

If you have a service to advertise - perhaps you are a privately practicing midwife or have a reflexology or massage business - you may create a listing on our Vendor Directory so that members and the public can find you.

Q & A

Q & A provides an opportunity for members and non-members to post a question on any topic.

Social media

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and receive regular news updates, links to research and resources, and join in lively discussion.