Private Practice Midwives Advisory Committee

The Private Practice Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations on matters that pertain to midwifery private practice and maternity care.

The Private Practice Advisory Committee's role is to:

  • Provide expert advice to the College (including the Board) via the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Australian College of Midwives (College) on matters related to all areas of maternity care where College members are engaged private practice eg privately practising midwives, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, therapists;
  • Provide expert advice and support to the CEO on ways in which to utilise national/international policies and developments to assist with the ongoing development of private practice and maternity care in Australia;
  • Make recommendations about ways in which the College can effectively contribute to the ongoing development of private practice in maternity care in Australia;
  • Undertake specified tasks or projects as requested by the CEO from time to time, such as drafting College policies, responding to external consultations, other relevant projects relating to private practice in maternity care;
  • Represent the College as either individuals or as a group when requested to do so by the CEO in matters of relevance for private practice and as resources permit;
  • Liaise with various national and international organisations and individuals on behalf of the College when requested to do so by the CEO;
  • Provide input to the CEO on the selection of experts to represent the College on national/international committees relating to private practice as necessary;
  • Liaise with any other College Committee through the Chair as matters arise;
  • Carry out the responsibilities/role in a culturally-safe manner, demonstrating respect and understanding of the wide variety of cultural beliefs and practices members may come across during their time on this committee.

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