Clinical Mentoring Program

The ACM is committed to midwives working in midwifery continuity of care models. ACM Clinical Mentoring Program provides formalised clinical and professional support at both an individual and organisational level to midwives through a range of packages tailored to the midwives specific needs.

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What is the Clinical Mentoring Program?

The Clinical Mentoring Program Full Package has been designed for Midwives working in Private Practice needing assistance in meeting the NMBA Safety and Quality Guidelines which came into effect from 1 January 2017.

The aim of the Clinical Mentoring Program is to:

  • provide midwives with the tools and strategies required to successfully implement organisational and processes structures that support midwifery continuity of care practices.
  • support midwives in meeting the NMBA Safety & Quality Guidelines

Several package options exist that give you access to our full program or only parts of it (e.g. mentoring or data package).

For more information about those packages or how to enrol please email us with your enquiry or call us on 02 6230 7333.

Clinical Mentoring Program Full Package inclusions:

Full access to the ACM Portal:

The ACM and Maternity Solutions NZ have enabled access to a database that allows mentees to:

  • maintain clinical practice statistics and generate clinical outcomes reports by using the Pregnancy Log
  • record all CPD activities in our online CPD Log
  • record all mentoring sessions and utilise ACM’s reflective tools for self-development
  • access to the ACM Resource Library (includes tools to assist in meeting NMBA Safety & Quality Guidelines)


Mentees in the full Clinical Mentoring Program package can elect to be assigned an individual dedicated mentor. ACM’s mentors are external to the organisation, on a volunteer basis and are highly experienced in different midwifery models. The mentee midwife is paired with an experienced continuity of care midwife who is remote from them (i.e. not working alongside them) and the mentee midwife receives dedicated support from their mentor on an as needs basis. The mentee and mentor will decide on the frequency of contact during their first meeting.

Mentoring supports the professional development of the midwife through regular meetings and activities.

The aim of mentoring sessions is to:

  • Challenge midwives to provide rationale for approach and techniques used
  • Assist the development of reflective thinking
  • Recognise skill limitations and provide additional consultation when necessary
  • Promote critical thinking abilities
  • Provide a sounding board for debrief
  • Focuse on professional development and support

Mentoring sessions can be included in CPD hours with supporting documentation available for CPD portfolio and audit.

NMBA Safety & Quality Guidelines Assistance

Many of the elements of the NMBA Safety & Quality Guidelines are self-evident and mentees are encouraged to use the tools available from the ACM, to assist them to assess how close their practice is to meeting the Guidelines and also to direct their written responses when preparing documents for the NMBA audit.

Mentoring Plan - aims to draw together pieces of legislation and regulation that inform midwives of their professional responsibilities, providing an overarching framework for midwives to design a Clinical Mentoring Program that meets their own needs and professional obligations.

NMBA Safety & Quality Guidelines Checklist - This checklist has been developed for mentees enrolled in the ACM Clinical Mentoring Program to assist in meeting the NMBA Safety & Quality Guidelines implemented from January 2017. This checklist is only a guide and it is the Midwife's responsibility to ensure all aspects of the NMBA Safety & Quality Guidelines are met.

ACM Monthly Video Conference Update

Monthly video conference with fellow mentees and mentors from around Australia to help midwives enrolled in the program to engage with fellow participants share experience, ideas and knowledge.

Email us with your enquiry or call us on 02 6230 7333 to learn more about our packages and how to enrol!

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