Course bulk orders and webinar site licenses are ideal for organisations that wish their staff to have access to the same course content for consistency of learning. They also offer some fabulous discounts compared to the standard retail price (when purchased individually).

Bulk order our webinars

Photo by Annie Spratt on UnsplashThe ACM’s Webinar Site License Agreement is a fabulous tool for universities, hospitals and other health facilities (herein referred to as 'Facility'), as it allows the purchase of bulk access to ACM’s webinar recordings. With over 50 webinar recordings available and a new one added each month, these are great resources, which will help your students or employees (herein referred to as 'users') to maintain their skills and knowledge in a wide variety of topics, not to mention assist them with accruing their annual CPD hours. 

We currently offer two options for purchasing webinar site licenses:

  • Option 1: By User

The ACM provides the Facility with a designated enrolment key(s), which then allows users to self-enrol into the webinar recording via our eLearning portal, Midwives Learn. This flexible option allows the Facility to grant new and existing users with access to the recordings over a period of time, rather than all of the accounts being determined upfront.

  • Option 2: By ACM Bulk Enrolment

The ACM's bulk enrolment option is ideal for Institutions who are looking for a simple approach to helping staff accumulate their CPD hours. This option will ensure that only appointed personnel gain access to the webinar recordings, and everyone is enrolled at the same time.

The first step for ordering a webinar site license is to review and complete our Order Form, which includes the terms and conditions for these agreements. Within this document you will find pricing options available, and a full list of our webinar recordings (including upcoming webinars).

If you’re unsure which webinars would be best suited to your facility or users, we have put together a brief overview for each the topics (webcast date, presenter details and learning outcomes) to help you learn more about the webinars. You can access this document below.

Contact us

If you have any questions about bulk orders of our e-learning opportunities (courses and/or webinars), don't hesitate to contact the Education Unit at, or call 0459 461 597.

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