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You may wish to view the following useful resources to assist you and your facility in better understanding and preparing for BFHI accreditation.

If you are interested in applying for the BFHI accreditation, visit this page.

Educational Resources

Breastfeeding Counselling: a training course

World Health Organisation - a 20-hour course for maternity staff.

ACM Supporting Women to Breastfeed

Australian College of Midwives - an online course about breastfeeding.

BFHI DVD - Available for purchase in our shop!

This DVD provides expert information on BFHI in Australia and will be a great resource for staff & parent education.

BFHI Facilities and Breast Pump Companies Infosheet

To assist facilities in their professional and commercial relations with companies that manufacture and/or supply breast pumps.

Queensland Clinical Guidelines

A 2-hour education package (available for free to anybody) about the guideline content and recommendations, accredited by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).

Research, Data and Guidelines on Infant Feeding

Infant Feeding Guidelines: information for health workers 2012National Health and Medical Research Council
Safe preparation, storage and handling of powered infant formula guidelinesWorld Health Organisation
Use of Donor Human Milk - ACM Position StatementAustralian College of midwives
2010 Australian National Infant Feeding Survey: indicator resultsAustralian Institute of Health & Welfare - The 2010 Australian National Infant Feeding Survey is the first specialised national survey of infant feeding practices in Australia. The survey also collected information on attitudes towards, and enablers for and barriers against breastfeeding. This report provides baseline data on key infant feeding indicators
Establishing Breastfeeding GuidelineThis guideline is intended as a guide and provided for information purposes only. Developed by Queensland Health.
Australia's Mothers and BabiesAustralian Institute of Health & Welfare - Australia’s mothers and babies presents key statistics and trends on pregnancy and childbirth of mothers, and the characteristics and outcomes of their babies.

Other information and Tools

Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne  A Baby Friendly accredited facility in VIC, with a website full of great resources.
King Edward Memorial Hospital, PerthA Baby Friendly accredited facility in WA, with a website full of great resources including Group 3 BHFI Education Package.
International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners IBLCE For information about how to become and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Parent information sheet - BreastfeedingInformation sheet for women/new parents - developed by Queensland Health.

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