Undergraduate & Postgraduate Midwifery Courses in Australia

The ACM Midwifery Education Advisory Committee has been working with our contacts at all Australian Universities known to deliver Undergraduate (and Graduate entry e.g. RN's) courses leading to initial Registration as a Midwife, as well as Postgraduate study opportunities for midwives looking to progress their learning and career opportunities. The result is two printable resources that summarise the study opportunities available around Australia. The data is checked at least annually via a survey with the Universities and is then collated and summarised to create a table that can be used to identify study opportunities for individuals.

Access the printable lists of midwifery courses available in Australia (PDF format) from the links below:

The following files have been created to assist prospective students wishing to identify and compare Undergraduate or Postgraduate Midwifery Courses around Australia. ACM works with the relevant universities at least annually to update the details.

Confirmation of courses available can be located on the AHPRA Approved programs of Study (Midwife) website.

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