Do you have an activity that is of interest for Midwives? It is time to get it 'CPD Recognised' by ACM!

ACM CPD Recognition’ was established to assure midwives that ACM CPD Recognised activities are relevant to them and theirprofessional development. Activities are assessed and approved against a set of quality criteria that encompass midwives’ professional and educational requirements consistent with the CPD requirements set by AHPRA. Since the program’s inception, over 700 applications have been processed, representing >1000 events Australia-wide and over 8,000 hours of CPD for midwives.

Each year midwives are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activities to meet their registration obligations. ACM provides a number of CPD events per year, but they don’t always meet the learning needs of every midwife. Therefore the wider community needs to fill the gap and ACM wants to make sure that what is offered is of a high quality and meets the CPD needs of midwives.

ACM CPD Recognition grants you :

  • use of the approved ACM CPD Recognition badge for promotional purposes;
  • a dedicated website listing on the ACM website; and
  • direct promotion of your activity to the ACM membership (more than 5,000 midwives!) via the monthly ACM e-newsletter.

Comprehensive information about ACM CPD Recognition available here (full) and here (flyer).

To see what it may look like, check out our 'External CPD Recognised' web page for a full list of what activities are currently CPD Recognised. You will see a fabulous variety of activities for midwives to access!!

Apply now!

Different processes are available to apply for ACM CPD recognition of an event or activity. Look at the information below to identify what process is best suited to your circumstances.

Application fees: $275.00 per application (no application fees apply for ACM Branches' events). One application per activity.

You are applying on behalf ACM Branch (verified ACM Branch representatives only), you should ...

...complete the ACM Branch CPD Recognition Application Form and send it to our Education Unit for assessment at
ALL Fields must be completed or it will be returned to you and processing will be delayed.

You are applying on behalf organisation and you will require an invoice, you should...

......complete the ACM CPD Recognition Application Form (available as a PDF or Word document) and send it to our Education Unit for assessment at

You are applying on behalf organisation and will be able to make a payment online directly (i.e. no invoice required, payment by credit card), you should ...

...complete the ACM CPD Recognition Application Form (available as a PDF or Word document) and send it to our Education Unit for assessment at
...complete the application online after creating an account or login to your existing ACM account. Go to your member portal, scroll down and select ''Create CPD Recognised Event Application'. Complete the required details on each tab, save and click on 'Pay to Publish' to process your payment.

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for your application to be assessed. In times of peak business there may be a slight delay. It is also recommended that you apply at least 3 months prior to your event to allow for our Marketing & Communications team to create your event listing and marketing schedule.

All activities are recognised for ACM CPD Recognition for a period of 2 years. The activity can be offered as many times as the organisers wish in that period using the one CPD Recognition application as long as the content does not change by more than 10%.

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