Together we are paving the way for a stronger future

ACM’S goal is to advocate for the expertise of our midwives and the needs of the industry to be represented in policy development and, when necessary, in the media.

Our members are respected for their knowledge and opinions and as such are  regularly asked to contribute to a broad range of policy issues in the midwifery and health space. These contributions regularly influence both policy and the position of the industry in Australia. With our united voice we are shaping maternity care in Australia.

Guideline Statements

We have developed a number of Standards and Guidelines to assist our members in their career. These also include the ICM Code of Ethics for Midwives would be adopted for ethical decision-making for midwives in Australia.

Associate Professor Lynette Cusack, Chair of the NMBA, said ‘Referring nurses and midwives to the existing international publications is a natural progression as the ICN Ethics and ICM Ethics documents are recognised globally and are contextually relevant for all nurses and midwives in Australia’.

Position Statements

At ACM we are fully committed to ensuring our expertise in maternity care is represented in government, policy, and practice. We have developed a series of Position Statements in response to issues which impact our profession.

Submissions and Discussion Papers

As the peak body for midwifery in Australia, ACM provides input into government and non-government consultations on a number of matters. Members are asked to provide their own submissions to ACM in order for us to provide a comprehensive submission that is representative of our members views.

Media Releases

Shaping the perception of midwifery is a large part of ACM’s role. Studies that show that midwifery care is the best and cheapest maternity care available to Australian women are being conducted all the time. It’s our role to ensure these findings are shared far and wide to digital, print, radio and television outlets until all women know that midwifery led care is the gold standard for maternity care in Australia.