The ACT Branch has the following scholarships and awards open for application and nomination in 2020/ 2021, please read through to see if you are eligible:

If you have any queries, please contact us.

  •   ACT Professional Development Scholarship 2020/ 2021 - $500 - Now Closed

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funding of up to $500 for professional development activities e.g. course, conference, research study, study tour, which will in turn improve midwifery care for ACM women and babies.


Eligibility/Selection Criteria

Applicants must:

  • be a Student, Graduate or Full member of ACM and a current ACT Branch member
  • demonstrate participation in ACM activities in the six months prior to application
  • provide details of any other financial support, paid leave or other benefits received in relation to the activity or project aligned to the scholarship application
  • not have defaulted on the terms and conditions of an ACM scholarship previously awarded


Terms and Conditions

If you are awarded a scholarship, you must:

  • provide a written report or article for consideration in Australian Midwifery News within three months of completion of the professional development experience 
  • be prepared to share your professional development experience at an ACM ACT event
  • acknowledge ACM when the scholarship has supported any thesis, dissertation, publication or presentation resulting from research/study undertaken


How to Apply

Please complete the Application Form and submit along with a copy of your current curriculum vitae via email to

Scholarship Policy  Application Form 


Applications for this scholarship has now closed. 

  • Rhodanthe Lipsett Midwifery Award 2020/ 2021 - $1000 - Now Closed

The ACT Midwife of the Year Award has been awarded annually to an ACT Midwife since 1997. In 2006 this award was replaced by the ACM (ACT) Rhodanthe Lipsett Midwifery Award, and now includes a gift of $1000. The ACM (ACT) Rhodanthe Lipsett Award is awarded to a midwife, or group of midwives, in recognition of their contribution to midwifery and birthing families.


Eligibility/Selection Criteria

Applicants must:


  • be a registered midwife past or present
  • have raised the visibility of midwifery in the community
  • have influenced the practice of midwifery in a positive way
  • have had a positive impact on the experience of birthing women
  • be committed to supporting women and their families
  • be a member of the ACM


How to Nominate a Midwife

Complete the nomination form addressing all six criteria. Please provide as much detail as possible to support your nomination and include a profile of the midwife/s and their contribution to midwifery. Include the name and contact details of two supporting referees. Nominations submitted via email to 

Scholarship Policy  Application Form 


Applications for this scholarship have now closed.