Welcome from our President: Terri Barrett

The Australian College of Midwives is the peak professional body for midwives across the nation. The ACM is a united organisation, speaking with one voice on issues that relate to midwifery and maternity care. We understand that there are various pathways to this remarkable profession and many settings in which midwives practice. The ACM embraces this diversity and aims to represent each and every one of our members, supporting midwives in the very important work they do providing woman centred, evidence based care.

Our Mission

The ACM has a very clear mission – to position midwifery as the primary profession for quality maternity care. We believe that midwives must be involved in the setting of standards for midwifery education and regulation if we are to ensure safety and quality. This leadership can only come from those who understand contemporary midwifery practice and having now been recognised as a discrete profession the ACM will continue to raise the profile of midwifery with education, regulation, government and industry.

The evidence is overwhelming that midwifery care enhances outcomes for mothers and babies. The College continues to push for reform at a national level, advocating for maternity services that are safe in every way, for every woman. We know that we are most effective when we work in partnership with our consumer members and in consultation with our Advisory Committees and key partners to advocate for care that meets the physical, social and emotional needs of mothers and babies.

As your professional body one of our key purposes is to provide a connection to other midwives, a sense of community and belonging. The work of midwives can be challenging and isolating and from our midwifery colleagues we can draw energy, strength and resilience. Valuing our similarities and differences is as important to our colleagues as it is to the families in our care.

ACM Board voting

Our commitment

As a College we are committed to:

  • Enhancing the recognition, value and visibility of midwives;
  • Supporting midwives to provide high quality care;
  • Strengthening the positon of the ACM as the voice for Australian midwives;
  • Ensuring the ACM is effective, responsive an viable; and
  • Driving reform and innovation in Australian maternity services.

We do this through:

  • Membership on Committees relating to Education and Regulations such as the midwifery education accreditation committees, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia;
  • Representation on every committee or body that decides about maternity care and the work of midwives; and
  • Lobbying government ministers, advisors and policy makers about midwifery at every opportunity and in every forum.

We also aim to provide benefits to members that support and enable them to continue their professional journey such as conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops for midwives.

For us to truly be effective we need our members to stand with us. We are only as loud as the collective voices of our members and the more midwives we represent, the more impact we will have. We welcome your feedback and ideas about how we can continue to improve the services we provide and grow as an organisation.

Your role as members

You have a key role to play as members. First and foremost we would ask that you are proud members, making it known that you belong to the ACM. Tell your midwifery colleagues how important it is to be part of the professional organisation that represents midwives, especially students and early career midwives who are our future.

We also encourage you to be an active member and participate in local and national events such as conferences and other celebrations of midwifery. Becoming involved with local Branch Committees, Advisory Committees, ACM Council and Board are all opportunities just waiting for you should you choose to accept them. You will find that they a full of (extra)ordinary midwives just like you, developing new skills and  working alongside amazing midwives doing amazing things.

My commitment

Working with the Board of Directors, ACM Council, Ann Kinnear as CEO and her team in head office, I am committed to leading our strategic plan and ensuring that the ACM continues to grow as an organisation that all midwives are proud to be part of. It is vital that we continue to think strategically, work collaboratively and act politically to move midwifery and maternity care forward. Continuity of carers, one-to-one care in labour and Birthing on Country are important issues for women and midwives and we will continue to advocate for these as best practice.

There is so much to be achieved and I look forward to working with you as members over the coming years.

Terri Barrett

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