ACM Annual National Scholarship

Pam Hayes and Margaret Peters established the Australian Midwifery Scholarship Foundation (AMSF) in 1989 with the profits from a successful ICM Congress in Sydney. In 2016, the AMSF was closed and facilitation of the national scholarship has been taken over by the ACM. 

ACM at TorontoThe ACM annual national scholarship is open to Australian midwives (ACM members only) and midwives registered in and residing in developing countries as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The purpose of the ACM annual scholarship is to provide:

  • funding for midwives to undertake research under the auspices of the ACM and the promotion of education and practice of midwifery generally
  • financial and other support to assist attendance of midwives at national and international conferences in midwifery and related fields, and the undertaking of study tours to investigate trends in midwifery overseas
  • financial assistance for the sponsorship of visiting midwives to attend midwifery conferences or to undertake study tours within Australia
  • provision of financial assistance for projects directed at public education in the field of maternal and child health.

Full information about the ACM National Scholarship, including eligibility and selection criteria, can be found in our Scholarship Policy.

Applications close 10 June 2019.

Submit applications via email to

If you have any queries, please contact Hilary Rorison at

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