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Women the Winners on Budget Night

14 May 2024

ACM welcomes the Albanese Government’s investment in the midwifery workforce and prioritisation of women’s health and choice of care. 

Women’s health is a clear priority in the 2024/2025 Federal Budget with funding allocated to invest in the future midwifery workforce as well as to improve maternity care for women. 

ACM congratulates the Albanese Government on funding the outstanding five recommendations for MBS items for Endorsed Midwives, from the 2020 MBS Taskforce , allowing women greater flexibility and access to best practice primary midwifery care. $56.5 million has been assigned to fund these items which include increasing the duration for initial antenatal appointment to 90 minutes, introducing a new item for antenatal attendance, and for complex antenatal care leading to hospital admission as well as a new 90 minute postnatal item which will allow women access to birth debriefing, mental health and domestic violence screening. 

ACM Chief Midwife Alison Weatherstone said, “midwives and maternity consumers have long advocated for these barriers to care be removed through the funding of recommended MBS items. It is so positive to see recognition of the evidence: that midwifery continuity of care improves outcomes, and that the Government has recognised the need for these priorities to be funded.” 
The Government has prioritised access to long sought after homebirth options for women, covering 100% of claim costs for privately practising midwives providing low-risk homebirth and intrapartum care outside of the hospital, ending the longstanding professional indemnity insurance exemption with a permanent solution. This is a significant step forward for women’s choice of care.
Access to Birthing on Country (BoC) models of care for First Nations people is also significantly enhanced by the insurance measures, including for midwives providing intrapartum care outside the hospital in BoC models. 
$5.2 million has been allocated to training health professionals, including midwives, in the insertion, management and removal of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC). This is clear recognition of midwives’ key role as primary sexual and reproductive health care providers and firmly places contraceptive care within a midwife’s scope of practice.
ACM also welcomes the provision of clinical placement payments for midwifery students undertaking mandatory university workplace placements. This funding will ensure students are not forced out of study due to financial hardship, particularly amidst the current cost of living crisis. In the face of rising demand, this will go a long way to ensuring a stable workforce into the future. 

This budget demonstrates that the Government is actioning their commitment to women with significant investment.
The Government has also recognised the complex issues of pain, recognition of gynaecological issues and the management of menopause.  
“To have women’s health recognised through an almost $50 million investment in endometriosis and complex gynaecological care is also incredibly significant.”
“As we work towards equity of access to continuity of midwifery care for all women in Australia and career pathways for midwives that are sustainable and professionally satisfying, this is a fundamental step forward for maternity care for women and families in Australia.”

For full list of midwifery related budget items click here.

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