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Position Statements

ACM Position Statements provide the ACM's position about specific contemporary issues and, where applicable, should be read in conjunction with ACM Guidance Papers. They will be reviewed periodically and as new information becomes available.


ACM Position Statements are intended to provide midwives, women and maternity services with the profession’s position on given situations. Position Statements are designed to educate and support best practice and should never be relied on as a substitute for full assessment with respect to an individual woman or her baby. It is the responsibility of each care provider to be fully aware of the individual circumstances of each case with regard to the application of this statement.

Midwives and other maternity care professionals also need to consider the policies and guidelines in their own state/territory and health system when providing clinical care.


Whilst the ACM endeavours to ensure that all Position Statements are accurate and current at the time of their preparation, each provider must have regard to relevant information, research or literature which may have been published or become available subsequently.

Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing

Position Statement on Co-sleeping and bed-sharing - 24 Oct 2014

Literature Review

Consultation Feedback


Use of Donor Human Milk

Position Statement on Use of Human Milk - 24 Oct 2014

Consultation Feedback



Use of Water Immersion for Labour and Birth


Position Statement on Water Immersion 2013

Consultation Feedback



(to be reviewed mid-2015)

Position Statement on Homebirth Services 2011

Guidance for midwives regarding homebirth 2011

Literature review






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