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Guidelines for Midwifery Practice

National Midwifery Guidelines for Consultation & Referral
3rd Edition




We are very excited to announce that the 3rd Edition of the National Midwifery Guidelines for Consultation and Referral have been published and will be available in hard copy on 1 July 2013. The Guidelines have undergone extensive review and consultation, and we believe they provide a very clear and extensive framework for health professionals working in the maternity sector.  The review was led by Professor Sally Tracy and Dr Donna Hartz, the Project Midwife. ACM is very grateful to the Steering Group, Working Group and the Medical reviewers for their generosity and expertise.


The 3rd Edition provides greater clarity around categories A, B and C with improved definitions as well as an expanded range of clinical indications and additional appendices. The Record of Understanding (Appendix B) with explanatory notes is available as an e-form for everybody’s use (Appendix B can be accessed via the link below).  The ACM Consultation and Referral Guidelines have been endorsed by State and territory governments, are embedded in practice at every level, and are used extensively from private practising midwives through to medical consultants at tertiary hospitals.

ACM has developed a smart, compact and durable hard copy version of the Guidelines.  To order your hard copy of the Consultation and Referral Guidelines for $24.75 (GST Inc) please download the order form below and send it back to the College.  ACM Members have FREE access to the e-book here (you will need to log in to the website to access this page). Institutional Licences for e-copies are also available - please email us at finance@midwives.org.au for more information.


Download order form here 


Download the Record of Understanding (Appendix B) here


Caesarean section - National Institute for Clinical Excellence



These evidence based guidelines have been developed by the European based National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to help ensure consistency of quality of care experienced by women having a CS. It provides evidence based information for health care professionals and women about:

  • the risks and benefits of CS
  • certain specific indications for CS
  • effective management strategies which avoid CS
  • anaesthetic and surgical aspects of care
  • interventions to reduce morbidity from CS and
  • aspects of organisation and environment which affect CS rates.

The Australian College of Midwives endorses these guidelines.

View guidelines here



National clinical guidelines for the management of drug use during pregnancy, birth and the early development years of the newborn


These nationally agreed clinical guidelines are intended to support a range of health care workers who care for pregnant women with drug and alcohol use issues, and their infants and families. The guidelines are based on the best currently available evidence, developed through a rigorous process in which international and Australian research literature was reviewed by experts and consensus achieved.

Download guidelines here



National Consensus Framework for Rural Maternity Services


This Framework has been developed to fill a growing need to guide policy and planning for sustainable rural maternity services across Australia. The need for such a Framework is demonstrated by community and professional concern about the ongoing closure of rural birthing services. However, until now, there was no set of agreed principles that communities, service providers, decision makers and funders could use to work together to ensure safe, evidence based maternity care for the third of Australian mothers who live outside major cities.

Download framework here



Management of Early Pregnancy Loss Clinical Guidelines


This guideline provides information related to the diagnosis and clinical management of women with early pregnancy loss, defined as a loss within the first 12 completed weeks of pregnancy. It mainly addresses the management of spontaneous miscarriage, but is also relevant to women affected by ectopic pregnancy and gestational trophoblastic disease, although specific guidelines for these conditions should be examined separately.2,3,4
This Guideline is intended to be primarily used by clinicians working in women's health settings; it should also be valuable to anyone providing health care to women experiencing early pregnancy problems.

Download guidelines here




Clinical Practice Guidelines - Antenatal Care Module 1



The Guidelines have been endorsed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).  The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide evidence‐based advice on the care of pregnant women in a range of settings.

Module I has a specific chapter on Antenatal care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.


For further information about Module 1, please click here 


Download Module 1 - Antenatal Care 



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